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World At War: Operation Global Storm (O.G.S.)
BeAMan Games LLC
Genre: Games
Release Date: October 12, 2011

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WORLD IS AT WAR! Want to build a Military Empire and crush your enemies?

Create the strongest armed forces and fight ONLINE against millions of players at real-world locations throughout the world!

Become the GREATEST GENERAL in history – Operation Global Storm (O.G.S.)


***BUILD the greatest military base and show the strength of your Army, Navy, and Air Force.
***TONS of real life fighting vehicles, warships, air units, and other weapons of war.
***Massively Multiplayer ONLINE War game – set up strategic Alliances and destroy your enemies.
***Use LOCATION AWARENESS of your mobile device to your advantage (CHECK-IN at the right spots).
***BATTLE everyone LIVE.
***SPY on your enemies’ military bases.
***MESSAGE your allies and enemies to let them know how you really feel.
***OFFLINE MODE to help you continue to build strength even when you have unstable online connection.

***CUSTOMIZE your avatar to show what a badass you are.
***FREE regular updates

Email us directly from the game with questions, suggestions, and bug reports. Your comments will help us create new features and all-around better product.

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