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Genre: Entertainment
Release Date: October 14, 2011

The Halloween MUST-HAVE app!

Do you like tricks? Can’t wait for Halloween to scare your friends? Get NameScreamer™!

NameScreamer yells popular names combined with horrendous phrases, like “Sarah, I’m under your bed!” or “Adam, your coffin is waiting!” Choose from 6 dreadful voices and freaky animated characters: Ghost, Banshee, Zombie, Devil, Creeper or Raving Lunatic.

Use the timer button and hide your device to startle unsuspecting victims or send screams via Facebook or email!

How can you use NameScreamer to freak out people around you?
- Hide it in your friend’s room
- Put it under your roommate's pillow
- Post it on your sister’s Facebook page
- Send it to everyone you know by email

- 6 chilling voices

- 6 spooky characters
- 9 hair raising phrases
- 180+ popular names
- Over 10,000 ways to frighten your friends!

If you don’t see your name in the list, simply click on the “submit a name” button. We’ll be updating soon!

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