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Bouncy Seed!
Genre: Games
Release Date: September 21, 2011
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&#34;Very funny app!when rainbow appears it gets power and becomes so fast!Enormously fast!&#34; --Itunes review

&#34;It&#39;s alot of fun and with beautiful graphics,It&#39;s worth to buy!&#34; --Itunes review

&#34;Could not put my iphone down!love this app alot!!Geat gameplay!&#34; --Itunes review

&#34;Best time killing app!Never get you bored!Good game centre integration as well as Facebook and Twitter.&#34; --Itunes review

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Paul, the seed broke through soil is stepping on the journey of collecting sunlight points with your help! Row your finger, draw a magical spring board, keep Paul away from the river, further you go more points you get. Be wisdom, overcome the difficulties on your way, lead Paul to gather more sunlight points in beautiful sceneries of all seasons.

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