>>I hate to tell you but they will not hold him back

>>even if you ask. The No Child Left Behind act has


>>upper hand in this. Children can now fail all


>>and still be moved on to the next grade.


>Um, I thought the point of not leaving them behind is

>NOT leaving them behind.

I don't know that No Child Left Behind is the sole

culprit in the problem of students being pushed ahead.

I know there are issues with funding and grants.

Schools have to pass the standardized tests to get

some of their funding. So there has been criticism

that the schools are simply preparing these kids to

know what they need to know for these tests and to

pass them. They're being taught to pas the tests, not

to learn in general. I believe No Child Left Behind

has good intentions and does work, hut can also

backfire in some ways.

Apart from standardized tests, a lot of schools simply

need to show that they have a good "success rate" with

studetns -- that their studetns are going up in grade

like they should. Then they get certan funding, and

of course they are giving the appearance that they are

a good school as the studetns are "passing" and moving

on consistently. Often that is not the case -- kids

are being pushed ahead simply to make the school look

good, and not "waste" extra time and resources on any


There was a very good special on 20/20 in January

called Stupid In America, and it talked a lot about

how American schools are essentially failing a lot of

kids. Here is a link if anyone wanted to read about

it ...



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