Szechuan Beef Stir-Fry- Dirt Cheap Dinners

Szechuan Beef Stir-Fry Makes: 6 servings. Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 13 minutes 1 cup fat-free beef broth

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    Default Szechuan Beef Stir-Fry

    Szechuan Beef Stir-Fry

    Makes: 6 servings.

    Prep time: 15 minutes

    Cook time: 13 minutes

    1 cup fat-free beef broth

    1/4 cup light soy sauce

    2 TBSP rice vinegar

    1 TBSP cornstarch

    2 tsp. Szechuan seasoning (I found in oriental section of grocery store)

    1 TBSP canola oil

    1 lb. flank steak, cut against the grain into 1/4-inch strips

    1/4 tsp. salt

    1 lb. green beans, trimmed and cut into 1-inch pieces

    1/2 lb. sliced fresh mushrooms

    1/2 large red onion, thinly sliced

    1/2 cup toasted walnuts, coarsely chopped

    3 cups quick-cook brown rice, cooked as package directs

    1. In a medium-size bowl, whisk together broth, soy sauce, vinegar, cornstarch and Szechuan seasoning. Set aside.

    2. In a large nonstick skillet or wok, heat oil over high heat. Season sliced flank steak with salt and stir-fry for 3 minutes. Remove beef to a plate and keep warm.

    3.Add beans, mushrooms and onion and stir-fry over high heat for about 8 minutes or until beans are crisp-tender. During the last 2 minutes, add 1/4 cup water and cover.

    4. Whisk sauce again and stir in. Add meat back to the skillet and stir until all ingredients are combined. Cook for 2 minutes until thickened.

    5. Sprinkle toasted walnuts on top; serve with cooked brown rice.

    Per Serving: 422 calories; 15g fat (3g sat.); 26g protein; 46g carbohydrate; 5g fiber; 588mg sodium; 31mg cholesterol.

    Recipe from: Family Circle magazine,( Oct. 1, 2005)

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