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Pucca's Restaurant
MobCrete, Inc.
Genre: Games
Release Date: May 06, 2011

The fate of a restaurant rests squarely in your hand. Begin as an unknown chef and work your way up to a world class culinary master status.
Design an aesthetic but yet functional restaurant, serve up 60 different recipes, and check out how your friends or neighbors are decorating through the world’s restaurant guidebook.


• "Combine two cups of freemium with a scoop of time management. Then add a dash of social, mix it together, and you'll get this freemium game that's currently devouring my spare time.” – Touch Arcade

• "Pucca’s Restaurant is a brilliant, fun game to play. It is perfect for any age and a game that you will find very hard to put down.” – Macgasm

• "The graphics are super cute and the way the characters are animated always makes me smile.” – Chuk'num


• Special ‘Halloween’ Themed Update:
- Spooky Halloween themed content
- 5 new Halloween recipes
- 25 new items
- Brand new Jack-o’-lantern Stand quest in Task with Friends
• New Golden Egg: “Halloween Costume”
• New Halloween Icon
• iOS 5 Compatibility
• Next Update: New task, recipes and background item.

• Cute anime graphics with fully animated characters.
• Decorate using seven different item categories: floors, walls, windows, doors, chairs, tables and decors.
• Learn and master 60 recipes ranging from sweet desserts, tasty appetizers, luscious cuisines to fresh sushi.
• Visit friend's restaurants and share golds and stars.
• Hire world famous chefs and reliable staffs on your way of owning a five star restaurant.
• Collect figurines, achievements and unlock hidden features.
• Become famous in the world's most famous restaurant guide book.

• Full retina display support.
• Play online and/or offline.
• Cloud save your game and play across multiple devices.

• New regular content updates.
• More socializing features.

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