List Price: $499.00 Deal Price: $339.99 You Save: $159.01 (32%)Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at "Why the Motorola XOOM? We could say something about its big, gorgeous 10.1-inch multi-touch HD display. We could ramble on about its fast, muscular 1 GHz dual-core processor. We could wax rhapsodic about its Android 3.1 OS, its Google Talk video chat, the thousands of apps, and games available through the Android Market. Yeah, we could do that. And it would all be true. But it wouldn't capture the feeling of holding the Motorola XOOM in your hands, like champagne wrapped in silk. Let's just say it's a joy to use, to feel, to hold. Whatever you imagine from there, it can't possibly live up to the real thing."Expires Oct 21, 2011

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