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Camp Magic
Moga Studios
Genre: Games
Release Date: October 14, 2011
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The Camp Magic is a brand new online social game that letís you be an up-and-coming Headmaster running your very own Camp Magic to educate young witches and wizards for a better tomorrow! In your academy, students will learn magic beyond their imagination. The game lets you build academic facilities, enroll students, collect-and-process resources, produce magical items, decorate with ornaments, and cooperate with other Headmasters to ultimately vanquish evil in the name of Justice.

Engage in many fun activities to create wonderful and magical surprises for your academy. Take advantage of level advancements to unlock advanced building facilities and special upgrades and magical ornaments to set your Camp Magic apart from others in excellence and beauty. Interact with your friends, visit their academies, and cooperate with them in producing magical items for mutual benefit.

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