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Zombies Inc.
Dream Cortex
Genre: Games
Release Date: October 12, 2011

The Halloween season is nigh, and itís the time of year that zombies love the most! The ghoulish freaks from the underworld are roused and restless, and they canít wait to terrorize as many children as they can. But this is more than a hobby, this is serious business!

You and your family are the pioneers of a dark industry, where zombies are made scarier than ever using the long-kept secret methods of zombie training and scare tactics. Nothing makes your world go Ďround like the shrieks and squeals of frightened people, and the scary folks in deeper, darker places are paying you to collect as many screams as you can. Train your zombies well and youíll be rewarded with the high-pitched screams of frightened children, plus a hefty sum for your hard work! But be prepared, the demand for screams is on the rise, and youíll have to keep up!

Every night is fright night in Zombies Inc., so download and play the app now and get those decibels rising! After all, whatís Halloween without a few screams?

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