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    Default international calling tip

    If anyone does a lot (or any) international calling:

    What you do is register your phone number and then have the person you call also go to the site and register their phone number. Calls between registered phone numbers are free. Calls from a registered phone number to an unregistered phone number are much less expensive than other ways. It does utilize your computer to make the call - basically, as I understand it, you go to the site and log-in and schedule the call (i.e. you tell it you want your phone to call their phone in 2 minutes) and then the computer will send signals to both phones to connect like a regular phone call.
    Someone I know who works for an international company and has to make A LOT of international calls from home told me about this - this is how she makes the calls without it costing her very much at all.

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    Maja Drouin

    Default international calling tip

    We use it works great,you get $5 in bonus when you sign up, and they have a referral system too. Thank you, Maja


    Alt i n. F Yahoo! Mail med adressekartotek, kalender og notesblok.



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