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Pretty Pet Salon Spooky Party
Dream Cortex
Genre: Games
Release Date: October 09, 2011

Scary stories, candy, costumes and parties – Everyone’s feeling the chills and thrills that come with the Halloween season. That’s why Cuby, Piglina and the rest of the adorable helpers from Pretty Pet Salon went all-out with their own costumes and decorations!

Pretty Pet Salon Spooky Party offers you a chance to relive the fun of running a new pet parlor from Day 1. This special edition brings you the same fast, addictive gameplay as the original Pretty Pet Salon coupled with a dark, eerie, yet undeniably charming theme. All your customers are dressed in creepy costumes, and they need their pets to look picture-perfect for the upcoming Halloween parties. Give their pets the pampering they need, and watch as mayhem ensues when others stroll in with a bit less patience and a few more demands!

Download and play Pretty Pet Salon Spooky Party to experience the frantic excitement that no haunted house can match!

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