Hello everyone!

My name is Tonya and I turned 32 last month. I recently moved from

central CT to Coastal NC with my DH and my 7yo DD. My father moved

down here in January and is staying with us until April.

I fell off the wagon in January when we bought our house down here.

We still own our CT home so carrying 2 mortgages is just about

killing us. We also just enrolled our daughter in the local private

Christian school so we now have a tuition payment on top of

everything else. I need to tighten the wallet and get back on track.

I work full time for a large development company here in their

mortgage department & I am a licensed real estate agent. We celebrate

EIGHT birthdays in March..including DD & Dh so march is an expensive

month. I want to be ready April 1st to get back to the basics & no

frivolous spending (since I don't HAVE it to spend!) One thing I do,

which seems silly but has really worked for me is to save my one

dollar bills. I will not break a dollar bill to purchase something

unless it is a dire need. Instead I will break a larger bill and then

pocket all the ones I get for change. It really keeps me from buying

impulse items that are my downfall...like Starbucks or an ice cream

sundae! You would think that would really affect my available $$ but

it doesnt! In December alone, I added up all the ones and had

$126.00! I didnt even miss one single buck!. Then I deposit that $$

into my DDs savings account. it is actually kind of fun! When I first

heard this idea I though "no way i can do that, i dont HAVE any extra

$$ to pocket" but amazingly, it was there all along...being wasted!

The other thing i do which i am surprised has worked so well, is to

order my groceries online. The local food chain here, lowes

foods..has an online food ordering system that allows you to do all

your shopping online, schedule a time for pick up and then you just

go through the drive through lane at that time and they bring it out

& load it up! It is $5.95 for one trip or $17.00 for unlimited trips

in a month. I do it once a month and it is UNREAL how much more I

save in both money and time! I dont have to drag the kid through the

store and buy impulse things i wouldnt normally have bought and I

know exactly what I am spending before I get there. DH & Dad can add

items to my online list at anytime and I can get all the store

specials and use coupons. it is awesome! Anyway, thats me! hoping to

get some great tips from you all..glad to be here!