Easter Sun catchers

Lay newspaper (several layers deep) on table

Place a sheet of wax paper on newspaper

Using a pencil sharpener, make wax shavings from old broken crayons

Arrange on wax paper to make design. (only one layer, if to thick

will make a mess)

Place a second sheet of wax paper on top

Place news paper on top of wax paper

Iron with warm iron (just hot enough to melt the wax)

Let cool

Cut out egg shapes from colored wax paper.

Punch hole in top, and hang.


Easter Placemats

Draw or glue pictures to heavy construction paper.

If glue is used wait until thoroughly dried, than seal with clear

contact paper, or take to a local print shop (like Kinkos) and have

laminated. Don't forget to have the artist sign and date their work.


Refrigerator magnets or pens to wear

Make clay (recipe found on Christmas Craft)

Roll to about 1/4 inch thick

Use mini-cookie cutters, to cut designs

Let dry

Paint and seal with acrylic spray

Glue with rubber cement or hot glue a magnet or jewelry pen back on


Let dry/cool


Egg Creatures

Use plastic Easter eggs (cheap this year by the bag at larger

discount stores)

Cut small band of matchining construction paper, for each egg

Have kids draw and cut out eyes, ears, nose, feet, and mouth/beak of

different animals

Glue all but feet to egg.

Decorate construction band of paper if desired, staple to make egg


Glue on feet Place egg in holder.


Eggshell Mosaic

Gather all the leftover colored egg shells from Easter.

Break any larger pieces in to small pieces

Draw a simple design on construction paper.

Glue egg shell onto drawing


A Dozen Chicks Hatching

Using 12 yellow cotton balls (found in the cosmetic area in larger

discount stores)

Draw eyes and cut out eyes from black construction paper

Draw and cut a small triangles form orange construction paper for


Glue on eyes and beak to each cotton ball

Decorate egg carton as you wish

Place chicks in egg carton


Hand Lambs

Paint the palm of the child's hand with white washable liquid paint

Have child spread out hand fully, make print on colored construction

Let print dry (wash hand)

Use the thumb for the head and the fingers for the legs

Glue small cotton balls on to body of (over palm)

Add eye from made from black construction paper


Barefoot Chick

Paint the bottom of the child's foot with yellow washable liquid


Make foot print on construction paper

Let print dry (wash foot)

Draw eye, beak and legs with crayons

Glue popcorn, oatmeal or cornmeal across bottom

Frame and give to grandma


Paper Mache Eggs

Paper mache recipe

Mix well

1 cup water

1/4 cup flour

add 5 cups water

boil gently for couple of minutes

let cool


Blow up balloon

Dip newspaper strips in mache, and place around balloon

Repeat until entire balloon has several layers covering it

Let dry for a day

Stick in needle to puncture balloon

Let dry for another day or so

You may wish to use any of the following to decorate

Cover with different colors of tissue paper

Cover with light weight pieces of cloth

Paint with tempera

After covered or painted, and any extras like buttons, sequins, ...

Spray with acrylic sealer


Things to wear

Bunny Mask

Using the paper plate, cut out eyes and nose in the plate

Cut out bunny ears from pink construction paper, glue to the plate

Make whiskers from pipe cleaners, or construction paper, glue to


Poke a hole on left and right side of face

Tie on a piece of yarn through each hole

Easter Bunny Ears

Measure child's head

Make a band from construction paper (about 1 1/2 inches wide)

Draw & cut ears from white or dark brown construction paper

Draw & cut inserts from pink or light brown construction paper

Glue on inserts.

Glue or staple ears to band


Easter Bonnet

Staple two paper plates together, back to back

Cut a wide band of construction paper (several inches)

Let child decorate the band and the paper plates, this can be done by

gluing different colors of construction paper, or with paints, and


Staple or glue band in to a cylinder

Make small cuts about 1/2 inch deep, every inch or so

Bend tabs into cylinder

Place glue on bottom of tabs, and place on one the paper plates (be

sure to center it)

Let dry

Punch a hole on the left and right side of bottom plate.

Tie on either yarn or ribbon.

Fill cylinder with light weight Easter basket stuff (grass,

marshmallow candy, etc



Mini-Easter Baskets

Cut each of the egg buckets apart

Decorate out sides, with most anything

Punch small hole on each side.

Insert pipe cleaner for handle

Fill with Easter grass and jelly beans


Paper Woven baskets

Take the first piece of paper and cut horizontal straight lines

across about every half inch, leaving about one inch on each side

The paper should be covered from top to bottom with these slits

Next take the second piece of paper and cut 1/2 strips

Weave these strips in and out of the slits in the first paper

Glue the ends of the strips to the first sheet of paper

Fold up the sides to make a basket shape

Staple or glue in place

With the third sheet of paper cut out a handle, either staple or glue

to basket


Refrigerator Magnets or Pens to Wear

Make clay (recipe found on Christmas page)

Roll to about 1/4 in thick use mini-cookie cutters, to cut designs

Let dry

Paint and seal with acrylic spray

Glue with rubber cement or hot glue a magnet or jewelry pen back on


Let dry/cool


Milk Carton "Rabbit" Easter Basket

Wash, rinse, and dry a pint size milk carton

Close the top of the empty carton

Position the carton on its side with the top closed edge vertical

Cut along the two long edges and the bottom edge

Hold flap up slightly and cut it to form two rabbit ears pointing

away from the pointed end of carton

Cover the entire outer part of the carton with cotton balls including

the ears

Add extra cotton balls for tail

Outline the ears with a pink piece of yarn, glue in place

Draw and cut out eyes and nose form construction paper

Glue on eyes, and nose

Fill with Easter grass, and candy


Soft drink bottle "Rabbit" Easter Basket

Wash, rinse, and let dry one clear 2 liter drink bottle

Remove support (the colored plastic) from bottom. (some don't have


With crayon, draw a line around bottle about 4 inches from bottom

Draw on rabbit ears just above the line.

Using your drawing, cut bottle

Punch holes for handle, use large pipe cleaner or ribbon for handle

Cover ears with pink felt or pink construction paper

You may cover the bottle with cotton balls or leave plain

Add eyes and nose made with felt or construction paper

Whiskers may be made of pipe cleaners or construction paper

Fill with Easter grass, and candy

Kelly in IL