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Cyber Defense
Genre: Games
Release Date: September 28, 2011

Officially endorsed by Cybergun, Cyber Defense combines first person shooter mechanics with defense strategy creating a unique experience thatís easy to pick but difficult to put down. You must protect a VIP in various scenarios using real-world weapons and multiple perspectives of the battlefield. Go for high score Survival mode or try to take on one of the 3 Challenges.

Set up your perches and take aim; itís a defense game that gives you complete control. The combination of a casual touch-to-shoot interface that doesnít obstruct the action and a way to change perspectives of the battlefield on the fly, make for a new breed of strategic shooter.

Choose and strategically place 7 officially licensed Cybergun branded weapons, from Sig Sauer, Kalashnikov, Mossberg, and Colt. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses, so finding the best use of each is key to success

The more you play, the more youíre rewarded. Advance through the ranks to unlock new weapons and items. Using weapons in the field will increase their level as well increasing accuracy and damage.

Try to see how many waves you can last in Survival while going for high scores. If you want to fight in a more free form setting, test your skills in Challenge mode with 3 levels each with easy, medium, and hard difficulty settings.

Supports global and friendsí leaderboards along with multiple achievements to unlock for completing Missions, and leveling up your weapons.

Compatible with 3rd Generation iPod Touch and above, iPhone 3GS and above, and all iPads

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