List Price: $229.99 Deal Price: $129.99 You Save: $100.00 (43%)Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at "'I need some air.' 'Stand back, give him some air.' 'Let's get some air in here.' But where does that air come from? How do you get more of it? By multiplying existing air, which is what the Dyson Air Multiplier does. Or that's how we understand it, anyway. Frankly, we're enjoying the Dyson Air Multiplier's smooth, uninterrupted airflow too much to try to unpack the science behind it. One buffeting-free breath from its bladeless air ramp is enough to convince us that some things are beyond our understanding. And that's OK. All we need to know is that the Dyson Air Multiplier works like magic. Everything else is just details."Expires Oct 9, 2011

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