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Real Piano PRO
Richard Bao
Genre: Music
Release Date: December 17, 2010

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To remember a visionary and creative genius who changed the entire world.

A full 88-KEY piano app that brings you REAL piano sound, smoothly moving and zooming, customizable key labels, and professional tuning & transposition functionalities.

Note: I can't reply or contact you in reviews. If any problem or question, please contact and I'll help resolve as soon as possible.


- Full 88 keys and realistic grand piano sound.
- Smoothly move and zoom the keyboard by just sliding and pinching.
- Built-in volume control and volume-on-position support.

- Supports dual keyboard layout.
- Supports customizable key labels in different types: C-D-E, c1-d1-e1, 1-2-3, or do-re-mi.
- Tune your piano by adjust the standard A frequency: 440Hz, 438Hz, or 442Hz? No problem.
- Transpose to higher or lower key, or play a song in E major easier? Just set it.

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