<SPAN class="984203001-12032007">Hey all, for those of you that haven't heard, our friends started a website last july to help fund the cost of building a home. The site is www.Cash-Splitters.com . Each month they split the revenue (50/50)that the site earns with the winner. They've had a few issues though, with people crashing their server, etc. The past few days I have helped them switch to my hosting company on a managed server that can withstand the traffic and I wanted to mention their site on here again.
<SPAN class="984203001-12032007">
<SPAN class="984203001-12032007"> Their site is www.blockedurl.com and you can register and enter you reason for wanting some cash. Share the page with some friends (we have a database on the discussion list for sharing your page here) and win.


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