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Jigsaw Jumble (Free)
M5 Systems LLC
Genre: Games
Release Date: October 31, 2009

Jigsaw Jumble is an exciting classic jigsaw puzzle game. It comes with a collection of attractive images to choose from.

You can work at your own pace solving the puzzles, as there are no timers or scores to bother you. Your work is auto-saved in case you are interrupted, or want to take a break and continue later.


- "46" high quality puzzle pictures included (Increased from 36 in older version)

- 25, 36 and 49 piece modes

- Piece rotation mode

- Auto-save when interrupted

- Random puzzle mode

- Show picture or "peek" option to help with the more complicated puzzles

- Sound and music which can be turned off

- Show "outline mode" to display the piece outlines on the blank canvas

- A convenient hint button that allows you to visualize the next piece to fit together in the puzzle

Paid version in-app upgrade includes several bonus features should you chose to purchase:

-No Advertising

-Select any picture on your phone’s camera roll and make it into a jigsaw puzzle

-“58” high quality pictures (increased from 46 in the free version)

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