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<H1>How to Get Out of Your Current Cell Phone Plan</H1>
<P class="timedate"><FONT color="#808080" size="2">Wed Dec 20, 2006 11:41AM EST
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Sick of your cell phone carrier's crappy service? Or maybe you've just received a brand-spanking-new smart phone as a gift, but it's from a rival cell phone carrier. Fortunately, getting out of a contract is easier than it used to be. If you signed a two-year contract recently, you might be in luck since carriers such as Cingular and Sprint offer 30-day trial periods in case you have second thoughts, and Verizon offers a pro-rated cancellation fee that increases the longer you have your phone.

But most of us are still screwed, which is where sites such as <FONT color="#005699">CellTradeUSA and <FONT color="#005699">Resellular.com come in handy. These sites let you put your cell phone and plan up "for sale" to any interested buyers. Charges are typically $15 to $20 to pass a contract on to someone else. Of course, you must have takers for it to work.

It also works the other way around, should you be looking for an inexpensive or temporary phone. All major carriers and time frames are offered (usually within the two-year contract window), and you can search by carrier, phone model, time frame, and the like.

So don't fret: Signing a two-year contract isn't what it used to be.
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