The supernatural emo-goth odd-trio (now a quartet) series returns! Season three of Being Human starts with Mitchell the dashing vampire (Aidan Turner), George the goofy werewolf (Russell Tovey), and Annie the chipper ghost (Lenora Crichlow)--along with Nina, another werewolf, not so goofy (Sinead Keenan)--all moving to an abandoned, Hawaiian-themed bed-and-breakfast in Wales to avoid some trouble they'd gotten into back in Bristol. But trouble won't leave them alone, and soon they're grappling with a father-son team of vampire hunters (who are also werewolves), zombies, vengeful spirits, underground werewolf fights, dead parents, vampire groupies, the revivification of an old foe, and most frightening of all, an unplanned pregnancy. For some viewers, part of the appeal of Being Human is that everyone has the emotional life of an overwrought teenager, jumping around for joy one minute and weeping copiously the next, wrestling passionately with incoherent moral issues, and generally behaving in a confused and emotionally wounded way (it might be some kind of meta-joke when the protagonists discover an actual teenage vampire who seems more mature than they are). The lack of consistent rules for supernatural behavior continues from previous seasons but is particularly annoying here, as a major plot element revolves around Annie being unable to do certain physical things… even though she can kiss and hug and make tea, among other things (also, the poltergeist powers she displayed in previous seasons seem to have fallen by the wayside). But there's plenty of action--the eight episodes are crammed with both violence and dramatic doings--and the characters will appeal to fans as much as ever. Extras include deleted scenes and interviews with the cast. --Bret FetzerExpires Oct 9, 2011

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