From February 28 about 2:30 p.m. (Pacific time) until March 1 about<SPAN class="938000414-02032007">11:15 a.m. (Pacific time) (http://www.timeandd<WBR title=""><WBR title="">ck/),<SPAN class="938000414-02032007"> some members of some groups were not receiving email. Some members of<SPAN class="938000414-02032007">some of these groups were able to see the posts on their group archive<SPAN class="938000414-02032007">on the Web, but were not receiving them via email. Groups mail<SPAN class="938000414-02032007">delivery is back to normal as of about 11:15 a.m. (Pacific time). We<SPAN class="938000414-02032007">now have more information about what caused this.

While we were working on an improvement to our email delivery systems,<SPAN class="938000414-02032007">email delivery was inadvertently suspended for some members of some<SPAN class="938000414-02032007">groups. This problem did not affect all Groups users. Unfortunately,<SPAN class="938000414-02032007">while messages posted to affected groups during this time were saved<SPAN class="938000414-02032007">to group archives, the messages cannot now be delivered via email. If<SPAN class="938000414-02032007">your group's archives are open to your members (more<SPAN class="938000414-02032007">info about Archive settings: <A title="BLOCKED::" href="blocked::">http://help.<WBR title="BLOCKED::"><WBR title="BLOCKED::">help/us/groups/<WBR title="BLOCKED::">messages/<WBR title="BLOCKED::">messages-<WBR title="BLOCKED::">16.html</A>), your members can access the undelivered messages via the Web. If your group's archives are not open to your members, you may want to suggest that your members resend any messages they had sent between yesterday afternoon and this morning, if they want to ensure that all members of the group receive them.

Yesterday's work was part of our ongoing efforts to improve the<FONT face="Comic Sans MS"><FONT color="#008080"><SPAN class="938000414-02032007">performance of Yahoo! Groups and was not supposed to involve any<SPAN class="938000414-02032007">downtime for users. The delivery glitch was the result of human error,<SPAN class="938000414-02032007">and because it only affected some members of some groups, it delayed<SPAN class="938000414-02032007">both our awareness of the problem and our efforts to resolve it. We<SPAN class="938000414-02032007">sincerely regret the inconvenience it may have caused.

The Yahoo! Groups Team