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Gold Jumper Lite
Com2uS Inc.
Genre: Games
Release Date: September 22, 2011

Get 'Gold Jumper Lite' and dig in with a free experience of the original 'Gold Jumper'.
Play in 'Lost River' with other free games like 'Toss it up,' and 'Bike Express' in 'Gold Jumper Lite.'

Enjoy playing the Full version with extra special features!
- 7 extraordinary themes with 35 additional stages!!
- Unending Excitement in Endless mode!
- Supports Game Center Rankings and Achievements!

There's gold in the deep undergrounds! Be part of the California gold rush in Gold Jumper!

In dark and cold mines, sacks of gold are ready to be hauled to the surface. How to get them out? The only way is with broken rails and damaged carts.

Touch the screen to make the gold hop onto a variety of carts. Try to go up to the surface as quickly as you can.

Use all the objects in the mine to make your gold bag jump. You'll be having loads of fun before you even realize it!
Beware!! If you don't want to start over, tap to reach the top before the time runs out!
Since there’s a ‘watch out’ below, ‘Beware’ will be better in my opinion, too.

Empty all the gold in one mine, then move to another by playing a motorcycle mini game.
Ride and race your chopper through the scorching desert... but watch out for obstacles!

- One-touch, easy and quick controls.
- Includes a mini racing game under the hot desert sun!
- Bright and colorful cartoon graphics with western style.
- There's always a tutorial for you whenever you're stuck.
- Record and ranking competitions in Endless Mode!

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