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Zombie Crisis 3: Killzone
Genre: Games
Release Date: September 15, 2011

Here comes an extremely hot shooting game with dual joysticks. 25 powerful weapons are available,and 20 zombies per screen for you to reap! There are no less than 200 waves for you to explore. Moreover, you have lots of costume for both of the dual characters available.

Fast paced game play with more than 20 zombies per screen
25 powerful weapons and mines provide killing pleasure
4 main scenarios and various battle types
Dual characters and optional costumes
Especially magnificent battles with the BOSS
3D graphic and real-recorded sound effect
Lighting and shadowing effect with rich details and texture

Retina Display (iPhone4) available

The zombie crisis of City Perseus has grown into a disastrous zombie outburst. Somebody poisoned the water source of the city with virus, and turned a large number of citizens into bloody zombies. Meanwhile, some generically reformed zombies escaped the walls of Argo Company into the city, giving out violent genocide. In order to stop this catastrophe, a new commission was granted to Fox and Dina. They must exterminate all the zombies within Perseus border.


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