List Price: $149.95 Deal Price: $99.99 You Save: $49.96 (33%)Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at "Driveway Action News here with a special bulletin! A 2-stroke hurricane has struck the greater carport area, with hundreds of leaves missing and presumed bagged. For more, let's go to our reporter on the scene, Leif Foley. Leif, what are you seeing there?" "Well, Fern, as you can see behind me, when Hurricane Hitachi struck this area just moments ago, its 170-MPH winds and 23.9cc commercial-grade engine swept away everything in its path. This once-cluttered landscape has been utterly wiped clean of dried leaves, twigs, dust, everything. There's nothing left but bare asphalt." "And what are local residents saying?" "Well, they're saying it's about time. The guy who lives here was about to be cited by the homeowner's association. Now they're just looking forward to getting back to their lives. Back to you, Fern."Expires Sep 30, 2011

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