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VH1 Co-Star
MTV Networks
Genre: Entertainment
Release Date: April 28, 2011

*****Watching TV is more fun when you do it with other people! *****

Now, even if youíre home alone, you can be part of the VH1 community and join the conversation around your favorite shows.

VH1 Co-Star is meant to be a companion while you watch VH1ís episodic series. Watch video extras, browse photos, answer trivia and unlock badges.

AND -- No matter when you tune-in to a show Ė an episode premiere, a repeat or even time-shifted Ė you can use the WatchWith feature to see the best, most relevant comments from everyone watching. Itís like a DVR for social commentary. Comments from your Facebook and Twitter friends and followers are given preference Ė so invite your people to use the app and youíll always have friends among the chattering masses.

In order to comment, login using your Facebook or Twitter username and password. You can choose whether your comments get posted to those services or just to the commentary stream in the app.

WatchWith filters and records the best comments from all viewer tweets and marries them to the timeline of the show. It uses your iPadís GPS to know your viewing timezone. When you tune-in to a live airing of a show, the scroll of comments will be cued up to the right moment in the show. And if you view an episode on demand, you can select the episode youíre watching to see the recorded comments for that episode.

With this app, you are VH1ís Co-Star!

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