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I'd appreciate if anyone has any ideas on what would be suitable chores for a 5 year old. Thank you! Ria

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    Default Suitable chores for 5 year old

    I'd appreciate if anyone has any ideas on what would

    be suitable chores for a 5 year old.

    Thank you!


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    Default Suitable chores for 5 year old

    I would think helping out with setting the table (maybe putting the

    silverware out, napkins, bringing condiments to the table, etc), making

    sure to pick up their own toys each day in the shared living spaces, as

    well as their own bedrooms, helping to pick up the living room, putting

    their own dirty clothing into thier own basket, that sort of thing.

    Easy to do every day things that teach them to pick up after themselves

    while also looking at it as a way to contribute to keeping the house

    clean and running smoothly.

    At that age, I would think allowance could be fairly small, maybe a

    quarter for each day, or a dime for each chore completed each day. Set

    up a piggy bank (I'd recommend using a mason jar so they can see the

    change being added, and adding up), and for each chore done at the end

    of the day, drop in the amount. They'll physically see their

    money "grow", and see the reward they can get.

    Of course, you don't have to do an allowence, and I'd rather not start

    that debate back up, I'm just saying that if you want an idea, there's

    one for that, too.


    --- In, Ria <aweea_aka_awa@...> wrote:


    > I'd appreciate if anyone has any ideas on what would

    > be suitable chores for a 5 year old.


    > Thank you!

    > Ria





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    Kristin Keller

    Default Suitable chores for 5 year old

    Here are some ideas... Some chores 2-3 year olds can do…
    Help <FONT color="#0073bf">make the bed.
    Pick up toys and books.
    Take laundry to the laundry room.
    Help feed pets.
    Help wipe up messes.
    Dust with socks on their hands.
    <FONT color="#0073bf">Mop in areas with help. <H3>Ages 4 and 5</H3> Preschoolers still find helping to be an exciting venture and usually are thrilled when time is taken to teach them new chores. <DIV id="gB3"> <H5>Sponsored Links</H5> <SPAN class="t">Kids Incentive Charts<SPAN class="d">With EasyChild encouragement system Kids earn privileges by being good<SPAN class="u"> <SPAN class="t">Age Appropriate Chores<SPAN class="d">Try fun kids' chore chart program for free. From JumpStart creator.<SPAN class="u"> <SPAN class="t">Print Weekly Chore Charts<SPAN class="d">Kids do chores, earn points, and redeem for parent approved rewards.<SPAN class="u"> They are ready to do some chores without constant supervision. Rewards at this age are very motivating. A sticker chart that allows you to build up to bigger rewards can be appropriate. For some preschoolers, tying chores to an allowance is a great option and fosters independence in choosing a reward. Some chores preschoolers can do in addition to the ones above…
    Clear and set the table.
    <FONT color="#0073bf">Dust
    Help out in cooking and preparing food.
    Carrying and putting away groceries.
    <H3>Ages 6-8</H3> These school age kids may or may not still have their childlike enthusiasm for completing chores. What they do have, however, is an overwhelming desire to be independent. Parents and caregivers can guide children to become independent in their chores, using chore charts to keep track of their responsibilities both completed and pending. Some chores that they are capable of in addition to the ones above…
    Take care of pets.
    Vacuum and <FONT color="#0073bf">mop.
    Take out trash.
    Fold and put away laundry.
    <H3>Ages 9-12</H3> Children in this preteen age are capable of increasing responsibility where chores are concerned. Keep in mind that many children this age rely on continuity. Find a system that works for your family and do not change it without the input and support of the people it directly affects. Make sure that you factor in rewards and consequences and address those issues with your children. Let them know the consequences of not completing chores, as well as the rewards for fulfilling their responsibilities. Some Chores preteens are capable of in addition to the ones above…
    Help wash the car.
    Learn to <FONT color="#0073bf">wash dishes.
    Help prepare simple meals.
    <FONT color="#0073bf">Clean the bathroom.
    Rake leaves.
    Operate the washer and dryer. <H3>Ages 13-17</H3> Teenagers are developmentally ready to handle almost any chore in the home. At the same time a teenager’s schedule can sometimes become quite hectic, leaving little time for chores. Make sure that the workload of your teenagers is manageable. Some chores teenagers are capable of in addition to the ones above…
    Replace light bulbs and vacuum cleaner bags.
    All parts of the <FONT color="#0073bf">laundry.
    Wash windows.
    Clean out refrigerator and other kitchen appliances.
    Prepare meals.
    Prepare grocery lists. Remember that children mature at their own pace and not all kids will be capable of advanced chores at the same age, just as some children may be ready for more difficult chores at a younger age. The most important guidelines are supervision and evaluation of your child’s needs and abilities.

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    deanna bryan

    Default Suitable chores for 5 year old

    I have my 5 year old fold the towels and washcloths,

    feed the dog and cats, and make sure her room is

    picked up.


    --- Ria <> wrote:

    > I'd appreciate if anyone has any ideas on what would

    > be suitable chores for a 5 year old.


    > Thank you!

    > Ria

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    Default Suitable chores for 5 year old

    Well, my sister has my 4 year old (will be 5 in May) put her coat and hat in the closet, put her dirty clothes in the hamper, pick up her toys when asked among other things. They don't have any pets, but I have friends that have their kids this age feed and put water out for the pets. One has the 5 year scoop the litter box.


    Ria <> wrote: I'd appreciate if anyone has any ideas on what would
    be suitable chores for a 5 year old.

    Thank you!

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    Default Suitable chores for 5 year old

    remember100 years agokids used to do a lot more than todays children

    here are some jobs the kids did when little .. my middle ds had LD, low functioning, my dd is mentally retarded so I started young (it takes longer to learn), my youngest (#5) is my bio & did most of this stuff even earlier, he was at their level or higher from almost the beginning ..

    at age 2:
    learned to put on clothes -- for those with upper body issues I taught them to prop themselves between the wall the side of the bed so they didn&#39;t fall over

    they learned to put their dirty clothes away

    brush teeth, starting to learn to bath themselves

    all had velcro shoes -- I don&#39;t care what the experts said.. 3 littles in tie shoes is nuts, especially if you have ADHD kids the shoes will never stay tied (*with Jake I was lucky to keep shoes on him at all)

    all who were still in diapers brought down their diapers ... for those that could not do the stairs standing, I put the diaper on the bottom step and they walked it into the bathroom ..

    they all dumped bathroom garbage, office garbage etc into the kitchen garbage can .. my kids loved this for some reason they&#39;d pick up scrap paper put in bathroom garbage so they could dump it

    helped sort clothes into lights darks fuzzy and mediums .. this was also a great way to teach colours, counting etc -- I took every opportunity to teach

    helped sort dry laundry .. socks by colour .. whites we separated by the texture of the tops either smooth or bumpy .. then fine sorted if they had the grey heel/toe

    did dry dog and cat food -- they took turns (*dogs put those that provide food at a higher level than themselves- very good if you have low functioning kids)

    at age 4:
    could independently sort wash

    could independently sort socks and start matching - Jake could roll socks at 3, but the others couldn&#39;t at 4

    started teaching them how to cook .. I called them my sous chefs .. they learned how to correctly wash hands, and safety protocals in kitchen ..

    they started peeling carrots and potatoes .. they could scrub veggies ..

    they learned to use a manual can opener (*yes you will have spills on counter or floor - but its teaching for the future)

    they learned how to dump into the crockpot and turn it on

    wiped sink counter (not great but it was job training for later) & floors

    starting to learn about stove safety

    I had a manual rug sweeper that I removed one of the poles so it was shorter, they did under the table etc

    wiped table after meals

    starting to set the table with silverware (**note silverware was in caddy on table - I did not have them walk with knives)

    could fill bottles of water

    could fill pots on stove with water (they brought water to the pot)

    could bring filled bottle to dog/cat bowl and fill (*put on boot tray there will be splashes)

    learned to get outer clothing on by selves (*various stages)

    carried own backpack of gear (*all my kids had mini backpacks for their personal items when we went out)

    learned proper foods to eat, made up snack containers (*again counting and education)

    put away groceries, sort the cans first, then count then put on shelf (*had to get in the education everywhere)

    put plastic bags in container

    divided pasta, beans and rice into canning jars (*since I had 5 kids I bought in bulk, use a canning funnel to fill jars)

    learned to cheat make a bed .. pull up sheets and covers and slide out the side (*making beds has never been important to me)

    sorted recycles .. brought recycles to car .. at the dump they put them in correct bin

    brought up laundry and put it away (*I used dishpans for clothes each bin/pan was marked with both name and picture of the item that belonged in it) .. telling them to bring down sock bin and bring it back up and put on shelf made laundry a breeze .. I hated it when they finally outgrew the bins (10 yo ish)to this day their clothes have NEVER been as organized

    fill bird feeders


    we did lots of hands on .. we also did a lot outside .. my kids learned first aid, safety skills all the time, constant repetition

    helped make my tea in my &#39;tea/coffee maker&#39; (I use 10 bags so it was counting as well)

    shovel stairs (*I got mini snow shovels) I didn&#39;t expect great job but this is reality in Maine - there will be snow .. then we make snowforts and toss snow with shovels and have the dogs chase snow balls

    6 yrs old
    Bonnie at 6 can shampoo her own hair and it&#39;s clean ..

    cooking on stove .. Bonnie was extremely small, so I took my drop in stove and dropped it almost to the floor -- this is the only way she could learn to cook without burning herself on burners ..

    kids started with pasta, learning to crack eggs was difficult for all of them

    Bonnie (6) Matt (7) were unable to taste test for spices - their sense of taste was messed up (*?? prenatal brain damage), Jake (4)however has his dad&#39;s taste buds and can identify spices by taste and smelling the jars .. also starting to say when more is needed

    started doing dishes (plastic, cups etc)

    cooking in microwave .. this was oatmeal for breakfast for starts ..

    floor cleaning is still a skill they need to work on .. sweeping and &#39;mopping&#39; .. I use a squirt bottle and rags on floor (they use feet to move the rags around)

    started learning how to do wash .. my middle son wet the bed till he was 10 ish .. by learning how to do wash (*and everyone did it) this did not make him stand out from the others

    they hung their own wash (*I put in a kid height wash line) .. shirts were put on hangars and hung on line with clothespins spacing the hangars .. socks & underwear were hung on octopus hangars (*8 armed hangars) .. they could NOT hang pants at this time

    we all garden together, the kids have their own boxes and have had for a while, now they are taking care of it independently

    my kids started to use tools young too (*I work with power tools and started young myself) .. by 6 Bonnie & Jake (4) had helped me make more garden boxes using a electric screw gun .. I was able to find one that looked like a mini drill and fit them perfectly .. I did need to predrill holes as the gundid not have the torque to go through 2 pieces of 2inch stock without assist .. All the kids had made platform burd feeders etc at least a year before this

    pulled dirty linens themselves, Matt at 7 could put his bottom sheet on but not get the top on correctly .. Bonnie (6) couldn&#39;t get on the bottom sheet herself without assistance .. Jake (4) could get bottom sheet on, but not top

    while in float in pool they all scooped with screen

    more snow shoveling and expectation of better job

    8 yrs old
    my daughter can cook .. she may be MR, not reading at this time but she can cook familiar dishes with very little input or direction from me .. this was my goal that she would learn independent skills .. Jake (6) could read and follow a recipe from a magazine independently.. Matt (9) could follow a basic recipe

    they can all cut veggies correctly and safely .. in fact they learn to &#39;fancy cut&#39; heart carrots for special occasions

    all can choose healthy food items, Matt (9) still has to have snacks into individual packs (*brittle diabetic and not able to control his eating)

    I grabbed pant hangars with clips attached to help them hang pants when wet .. Bonnie still needs help on big stuff but she is under 4 feet so that would be expected .. she learned how to flip sheets over the chairs to help dry vs trying to do it outside (* a few times on ground and this was easier)

    able to do more washing of dishes, including pots and pans .. needs reminders to clean sink before rinsing etc

    Bonnie can use the drill press, hammer, screw drivers, electric drill, hand saw (mini bow saw) ..

    All can use garden or yard hand tools correctly, including pruners .. I have a huge selection of various sizes of wheelbarrows so they all use them in the yard

    we made concrete decorative garden accents .. At 8 Jake could help stir concrete, Matt at 11 still did not have the upper body strength to do this (nor did Bonnie at 10)

    ***at 8 Jake used hand mower (*he was tall for age, good upper body muscles and coordinated)
    at 20 Bonnie still cooks (whines about it) ..

    although she can read now (*Once the adoption was final we could Homeschool) she tends to pretend to others she can&#39;t so they will do it ..

    she can clean (whines really good about this) and can con others into thinking she has no skills in this

    she still has no hand sewing skills - I should have started it younger .. I think if I had started with basic sewing at 6 ish then she could have learned the process easier .. she did learn to hook rugs but her hand strength is still weak and she tires easily .. agian if I had started it earlier perhaps there would have been more muscle develpement

    She used the radial arm saw around 10 ish, and can use a chop saw .. She will never be able to use a circular saw, as she does not have the upper body strength or balance needed .. However she is pretty good with a jig saw LOL

    Ria from Maine

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    Default Suitable chores for 5 year old

    Hey Ria,

    All I can say is "God bless you".



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    Rachel L

    Default Suitable chores for 5 year old

    my 5 year old keeps his room clean. puts away his laundry, keeps the shoe area/front hall tidy, sweeps the kitchen and hallway, and wipes down the cupboards (lower ones) and appliances in the kitchen. He's at the "LOVES TO HELP" stage, so its great right now!


    deanna bryan <> wrote:

    --- Ria <> wrote:

    > I'd appreciate if anyone has any ideas on what would
    > be suitable chores
    for a 5 year old.
    > Thank you!
    > Ria

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