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Globulos Mania
Genre: Games
Release Date: September 15, 2011

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Want countless hours of multiplayer fun ?
Choose your Globulos, plan your strategies and crush your opponent!

Globulos are funny and colorful little creatures that love to squabble and compete against each other in games combining elements of sports, arcade and strategy genres.

You can precisely control your Globulos with just your fingers: just slide to give the force and the direction. The larger the motion of your finger swipe, the faster and stronger the Globulos will slide. You have a limited time to prepare your Globulos' moves, so speed up! When you are ready, both Globulos team will slide all over the place. Just grab a dynamic turn-based game for free where strategy and preparation result is fun and exciting!

Compete with your friends in up to 20 various game modes and 50 arenas. Popular outdoor sports like basket-ball or soccer, intense pub-based modes such as darts or snooker or even the craziest match-up ever (try the bomber and the sumo mode), you'll definitely find the type of game which suits you!

• 4 free game modes: Soccer, Bomber, Rally, Foursquare
• Up to 20 game modes: Snooker, Hockey, Basket, Sumo…
• Multiplayer via 3G/Local Wifi/2 players on 1 device
• Unique and fun graphics
• Customize your Globulos in the Factory
• Record your best games and show them to your friends
• Game center/Openfeint

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