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VS. Racing
Maciek Drejak Labs
Genre: Games
Release Date: June 20, 2011

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Experience the thrill and excitement of full-on arcade racing!

Challenge your friends, iPhone against iPhone! Test your skills in the exciting single player campaign!


• Local multiplayer mayhem – challenge up to 6 friends over local WiFi or up to 3 friends via Bluetooth

• Thrilling single player – complete the story-driven campaign with 34 races on 6 unique tracks

• Perfect car handling with high quality arcade physics

• Advanced AI opponents that will put your skills to the test

• Choose between various control options: tilt, directional pad or left/right buttons

• Time Attack mode with Ghost Race

• Compare times and Ghost Race agains Facebook friends

• Designed from the ground up for an intense multiplayer experience

• Vivid retina display graphics

Created by industry veterans that worked on highly successful apps like Dark Nebula Episode 1 and 2. Network engine created by Peter Björklund, developer of the network engine for Battlefield: Modern Combat.

© 2011 Maciek Drejak Labs

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