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Smoke Fingers
Retired Astronaut Collective
Genre: Games
Release Date: June 07, 2009

Make smoke with your fingers! Blow smoke! Why? Why not? It's FREE. While you're here, download our other free game, JANGLE!

Check out a video of smoke fingers in action: or click the Smoke Fingers link below

Double tap to change the smoke colors.


Oh no! Your fingers are on fire!

All you have on you is your trusty iPhone/iPod Touch - what will you do?

Well, there's an App for that. Simply place your fingers on your iPhone/iPod and they'll be extinguished in a cloud of smoke (Note: no they won't)

Someone was asking you how you caught your finger on fire - now you have 2 fingers on fire. Have no fear! This App will extinguish up to 2 fingers (Note: no it won't)

Enjoy all the fun and hilarity that comes with extinguishing your fingers on your iPhone/iPod. Watch as the smoke curls up the screen rotating as you rotate your iPhone/iPod Touch. What a hoot!

(Disclaimer: If your fingers are on fire, get some water. If you get two fingers on fire, quit doing that.)

Be the first on your block to own this new App (that is now optimized for the iPhone 3Gs - super awesome fast fast)!

Smoke Fingers features an entertaining, quasi-accurate simulation of smoke.
Use one or two fingers to draw smoke trails and watch them dissipate.

Rotate your iPhone or iPod Touch to control the smoke trails.
Shake to reset.
Double Tap to bring up Options (Use the arrow buttons to switch through colors)
Blow in the microphone to create smoke.

Have Fun!

Help guide development and new features coming with each new release.

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