List Price: $172.64 Deal Price: $59.99 You Save: $112.65 (65%)Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at "Just look at that drywall. So smug. So vain. It thinks it's better than you. Are you just gonna sit there and take it? Or are you gonna pick up a Dremel Trio rotary tool kit and remind drywall of a few home truths? That drywall won't be so conceited after a run-in with the Dremel Trio. With an innovative 360-degree cutting blade for clean plunge cuts in any direction, and a 90-degree pivoting handle, there's nowhere for drywall to hide. And if wood tries to have a go, the Dremel Trio is only too ready. Cutting, routing, sanding, whatever it takes to sort the situation out. Anybody else want some? Plastic? Sheet metal? Wall tile? Any of you got something to say? Yeah, the Dremel Trio didn't think so."Expires Sep 18, 2011

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