Hi! I'm new to the group and wanted to introduce myself. I live in

Indiana with my boyfriend, five kids (two littles, three hippies ),

and a houseful of dogs and cats.

I'm working really hard on budgeting and saving better. I work three

part-time jobs (newspaper carrier, eldercare, and cna in surgery) and

have a decent income, but am NOT good about saving. Seems like we

always need more groceries, or someone needs shoes, or someone gets

sick...I'm sure everyone can relate! But I'm slowly getting on top of


I'm pretty good about shopping loss leaders, Goodwill, and yardsales;

stocking my pantry when there are good sales on; and not buying big-

ticket items. I'm not so good about overspending at Goodwill, eBay,

buying yarn (I like to knit) and books, and saving in general. I

recently saved $150, and a good thing, because the heat pump went out

this morning and cost $60 to fix. Thank goodness I was able to pay for

it, or we'd all be pretty chilly right now!

I just have to keep my priorities in line. I don't have any

significant debts to pay off, and no credit card debt, so it's more a

matter of keeping the utilities up and being dedicated to saving. It

sure *sounds* easy enough! But in real life, it's hard for me to stay

with it sometimes. My boyfriend has no interest in ANY of the same

goals and I believe he will never get past the perpetually-overdrawn

stage he is in. Eventually I plan to be able to buy my own house and

move out of here, so that's one goal I'm working toward. It's long-

term as I want to get my RN first, but I figure it's not too early to

start working on it!

Hope to pick up some ideas and pointers, and meet some like-minded

folk. I'm glad to be here!