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5 Star Poker
Yuval Bennun
Genre: Games
Release Date: December 02, 2010

Looking for the best Texas Hold‘Em poker app? Want to play with real people wherever and whenever you want?

5 Star Poker is in association with AppAllStar. Download the AppAllStar mobile app and receive a quality free game every day

Go all in with 5 Star Poker & get started with 100,000 free chips!
Choose your live poker table based on different buy-ins, fast or slow play, or the number of players to suit your preference. Play to win virtual chips with your friends, random players, or top scorers.
After playing for 5 minutes, you’ll understand why 5 Star Poker is the highest quality poker app available.

* Want to play anywhere? Supports 3G or Wireless.
* Want to play anytime? Play with thousands of other players worldwide to ensure there is always a table to join.
* Looking for a poker experience that suits your personal tastes? Choose your table based on different buy-ins, fast or slow play, or the number of players.
* Play with real players only- no robots! User profile can be updated anytime and with your own picture.
* Buy or win virtual chips. The daily lottery provides free chips every day.

* Compete to become a higher scorer.
* Play with your friends and even use the private inbox to leave messages for them.
• Play as a guest
• Login with your FaceBook user
• Share & Post on your FaceBook wall

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