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Extended Memory Deluxe
AlphaWeb Plus LLP
Genre: Games
Release Date: September 01, 2011

Play and boost your memory!

The game "Extended memory" is for not just fun, but for brain training as well!
Ever-growing jaw-breaking complexity brewed in marvellous 3D graphics is minted with the special gameplay features. The game is to memorize the screen locations of the same type tiles. Just touch the tile to look what's underneath, if the two opened tiles match - they will disappear and reward you with points. The faster you match - the more points you get. First you will need to match tiles only in pairs, but hold tight while advancing the levels!

The game fits every age, if you train your brains with Extended memory often, you will boost not only your memory, but also attention focusing and spatial reasoning.

Game features:
Every single element is 3D

40 various jaw-breaking levels
15 tile types
29 pictures for memorizing

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