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Pocket Dinosaurs :The Moon Festival Edition
Genre: Games
Release Date: August 26, 2011

Dinosaurs, land-locked for millions of years, want to escape Earth!
However, there is an evil alien in space that seeks to thwart their plans by dropping poisonous dinosaur fruit onto the dinosaur's space tower.
Help the dinosaurs escape Earth!

Tilt the device right and left or use touch control to catch falling dinosaurs, aiming to make their tower as high as you can while avoiding the Meteorite,poison fruits and devastating 500-ton wight attack!

Tasty mooncake and special golden mooncake in game to celebrate traditional chinese holiday The Moon Festival. Don't hesitate to catch them, both them can help your dinosaurs tower build more higher.

-15 different kinds of dinosaurs

-Amazing animations
-Golden mooncake to boost up
-Dinosaur stacking


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