The only solution I know of (short of a fence) to keep rabbits from


your flowers is to plant things they don't like to eat. Many herb


have very attractive flowers and the rabbits don't like to eat them.

Consider planting rosemary, catmint, sunflowers, thymes, vincas,


sage, Russian sage, Mexican bush sage, scented geraniums, passion


California poppies, breadseed poppies, cilantro/coriander, dittany

of Crete,

Jerusalem artichoke, caper, scarlet flax, evening primrose,


lavenders, coreopsis, daturas, and basils. All of these herbs have


flowers, and the rabbits in my yard don't eat them!


Try a combination of this-

1 beaten egg, 1/4 cup hot spicy oil (found in the oriental food

section in the grocery store) and 1 cup water. Put into a 2 cup

spray bottle and shake until blended.

Everyone in our area has trouble with yjr deer eating Hostas & most

garden flowers. This really works! My mom has also used it to keep

rabbits out of her garden. Its inexpensive and easy on the