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    Default Getting Pen out of the Dryer

    My son had pens in his shorts. I thought that I got everything out of

    his pockets...appartently not

    When I opened the dryer there was ink streaks all over the inside of

    the dryer. I have tryed everything to get it off and nothing has last resort was the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and that didnt

    work either.

    Does anyone have any suggestions??



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    Default Getting Pen out of the Dryer

    Try alcohol. I just got blue ink on my yellow capris. I saw the stain

    treatment chart from the Budget site, I had saved it onto my computer. It

    mentioned that hairspray, an old stain remover trick for ink stains on clothes

    was no longer always helpful depending on what type of hairspray used. It

    mentioned that the alcohol in the hairspray was what dissolved the oil in the

    ink stains. I tried shout, oxyclean, and other brands of stain removers and

    scrubbing, but nothing took out the blue ink. Finally I tried dipping a q-tip

    in plain alcohol and rubbing on the ink stain. It disappeared! I was thrilled!

    It may take a little time and a lot of effort, but alcohol may be your best bet

    for getting the ink out of your dryer. Good Luck!


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