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Destructopus: Total Ramage!
Genre: Games
Release Date: May 03, 2011
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Now 50% more game and even more Destructive Power at your fingertips! Journey as the Destructopus to the Frozen Arctic to protect endangered animals and punish nasty polluters!

You asked and GitchSoft delivers! The Total rampage update is loaded with new content: Game Center w achievements, 12 new levels, 2 new worlds, new monsters, new upgrades, new controls, more physics, and new puzzles! See below for more info.

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&#34;Destructopus brings out the rampaging sea monster in you!&#34; - Kotaku

&#34;A fun homage to 16-bit beat em ups!&#34; 4/5 148Apps

&#34;This is a promising side-scrolling &#34;destruct-em-up&#34; with an environmental 16-bit vibe. &#34; - Destructoid

&#34;Causing a huge amount of destruction is very satisfying!&#34; - Touch Arcade

&#34;Our favorite part of this game so far is the colorful graphical style. Wide-eyed and full of jagged teeth, Destructopus is adorably terrifying.&#34; - Slide To Play

&#34;The game is awesome. It doesn’t release until May 3, but if you like mobile gaming, mark that day on the calendar and get this game.&#34; - Adrenaline Vault

&#34;GlitchSoft has done a great job coming up with Destructopus, and I highly recommend it with a 4.5 over 5 rating.&#34; - Nine Over Ten


Normally a peaceful creature, the Destructopus can spend centuries slumbering at the bottom of the ocean. After being rudely awoken by greedy oil hungry industrialists, the Destructopus surfaces to find a polluted and dying world. Overtaken by rage and longing for the green earth it once knew, IT SEEKS ONLY REVENGE!

Control the Destructopus as you level entire cities, battle massive bosses, and take on armies of enemy attackers! Deal out the destruction with your smashing claws, vicious chomp, and blasting laser eye. Upgrade and attain new powers to defeat the polluters!

Master your attacks and face off against massive bosses. Each with their own weakness, you must utilize your Destructopus attacks wisely to defeat them and save the endangered animals!


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