can i ask where you live? here in southern california, prices are outrageous...

a quart of lowfat milk (1%) is at least $2.50 if not more... and it's just two

of us, so i won't buy a gallon (which is $5 anyway)... i buy meat/chicken in

bulk, we eat healthy food, and i still spend close to $75-100 a week.. and that

doesn't include my household goods, which i buy usually at target or walmart

because i can go there once a month and stock up for less... i think this it's

great if you can feed for less, but i suspect location is a big factor,

too....congrats on your frugalness!!! frugability??? <g> making up new words


Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 06:23:52 EDT

From: KrysiaNY@

Subject: Re: *KRIS*Re: Feeding your family for 12 dollars

A typical breakfast would be oatmeal or cream of wheat on weekdays and

pancakes or omelets on weekends.