I have a book called Eating Economically Is Just Plain Smart -- How We Feed

our Family of 7 for Less Than $50 a Week By Mary Jane & Jeff

Cardarellle-Hermans (long title & author!)

Anyway....I like the book. Some of the recipes are VERY basic -- (like for

grilled cheese or for scambles eggs) but there are other recipes and tips in

the book that are good. This family that wrote it adopted 5 kids that were

all biological siblings and they did it on a really tight budget. I

originally found out about the book from an article that was in Women's

World magazine on feeding a big family for less money. I have 6 kids so I

was (and always am!) on the lookout for cheap meals to feed my brood!! I

think the book is good. I paid $14.99 for my book and I know that it is

still available at Amazon if you can't get it at the library.

>Subject: Feeding your family for 12 dollars

>I got this book from the library!! It does have some great suggestions

>in it! But was wondering isnt there a book that feed a family for 5

>dollars a day?? Or less then 12???