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    Default Things for Pre-schoolers to do inside when its too cold to go out

    Indoor Sandbox

    It may be a blizzard outside, but your preschooler will think that it's a day at
    the beach. Create an indoor sandbox by filling a cardboard box or plastic baby
    bath with puffed wheat or rice cereal. Uncooked rice can be inexpensive when
    bought in bulk, and it makes an interesting road surface for wheeled toys. Use
    buckets, shovels, measuring cups, spoons or bowls for toys.

    Living Room Picnic

    Brighten the day by making it summer inside. Spread a tablecloth on the floor of
    your living room. Use paper plates to serve your preschooler a picnic lunch.
    Dress in shorts or bathing suits. And don't forget your sunglasses.

    Super Suds

    Put a few drops of liquid detergent into a bowl and fill it halfway with water.
    Use an eggbeater to whip up some suds in the soapy water, or use a straw to blow
    some really big bubbles.

    This also works well at the kitchen sink. Fill the sink with soapy water and
    pull up a chair for your child to stand on as he plays.

    As a variation, fill the sink with warm soapy water. Give your child spoons, a
    whisk and plastic dishes. Let her have fun with the water.


    This game not only entertains your preschooler, it will sharpen her memory.
    Create two identical sets of index cards with letters, colors, shapes or
    numbers. Start out with only a few cards. Place all the cards facedown on the
    table. Have your child turn over one card, then put it back facedown on the
    table. Then have your child pick the corresponding matching card. At first, your

    child may only guess, but it won't take long for her to get the idea. Add more
    cards as your child gets better. You can also determine the number of tries
    allowed. Or make a game of this between two or more children.

    These and many other games are described in Kuffner's book "The Preschooler's
    Busy Book: 365 Creative Games and Activities to Keep Your 3- to 6-Year-Old
    Busy." Pick up a copy today to keep your preschooler entertained year-round.

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    Default Re: Things for Pre-schoolers to do inside when its too cold to go out

    When it's too cold outside and my daughter still wants to play in the
    snow i'll bring some snow inside and put it in the sink. She puts on
    her mittens and plays away!!!!



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