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    Default Need help with Birthday Gift

    I don't post often but need help with a gift for my daughter's 15th
    birthday tomorrow. I am flat broke and I guess I'll give her an IOU
    for a shopping trip, but want to give her something tomorrow. Any

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    Default Re: Need help with Birthday Gift

    How about a special breakfast, lunch or dinner? Use the good dishes,
    etc. and make a big fuss over her...fix her favorite foods if
    possible, and just sit and enjoy time together. Use the time to plan
    the shopping trip for the "IOU" you are giving her...

    Lisa G.

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    Cleo Miller

    Default Re: Need Help With Birthday Gift

    I am not sure what kind of supplies you have on hand, or what she likes, but
    here are a couple of ideas to giver her with your IOU:

    An unopened bottle of shampoo and conditioner, or maybe some shower gel or her
    own tube of toothpaste & new toothbrush, or something else you can wrap up.

    Or what about some kind of craft items, such as beads and thread or twine, or a
    skein of yarn and a pair of knitting needles or crochet hook, or a
    paint-by-number set?

    You can also make her a set of recipe cards with her favorite recipes written on
    them, tied with a pretty ribbon or yarn or something.

    Maybe a start of a "on-my-own" collection box or chest items (used to be "hope
    chest" items), so she will have a start of things to take with her to her own
    apartment when she is ready to go to college or something.

    A few extra photos of the family members and a photo album? or scrapbook items?

    There are a lot of items on the budget101 website that may help you.


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    Default Need help with birthday gift

    >I don't post often but need help with a gift for my daughter's 15th
    >birthday tomorrow. I am flat broke and I guess I'll give her an IOU
    >for a shopping trip, but want to give her something tomorrow. Any

    I'm coming out of lurkdom too....

    How about making her a little book of vouchers, one of which can say 'one
    shopping trip'. You could make vouchers for all sorts of things, for
    example: if she has to change her own bedding (my 14 year old has to) then
    you could make a voucher for 'changing bedding' that she can hand to you at
    a time when she doesn't want to do it herself. Little things that she'd
    appreciate. Even 'one cinema ticket' so that if she wants to go to the
    cinema with her pals you'd buy the ticket. You could date them for future
    months so that things you need to pay for can be budgeted for.

    I've just realised that it's possibly already tomorrow for you - it's only
    10.40pm here in the UK!

    Lyn in Devon, UK

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    Default Re: Need help with Birthday Gift

    I want to thank EVERYONE who responded to my call for help. You are
    wonderful! I was having trouble getting to come up on
    my computer and you all gave me the answers I needed. I read each one
    and here's what we ended up with: First, I should say that I forgot
    to tell you my daughter does not live with me, but she is local. So
    some of the great ideas weren't applicable to us. Anyway, my 10 year
    old daughter was already making her a pillow (sewn by hand - AWW!) -
    whoever said that - thank you, now my 10yo thinks she's very cool. We
    made her a great cake. I took 50 or so photos out of her baby album -
    first born, you know we have tons of pictures! - made color copies of
    them (awesome color copier at work - yea! - can pay later), cut them
    out and made little captions to go with most. We put all this in a
    beautiful photo album (scrapbook style). Because she doesn't live
    with me she is not able to see the pictures whenever she wants and I
    am not ready to give them to her quite yet. Now she has her own set
    of her baby/toddler pics. She loved it and my mom and grandma enjoyed
    seeing them, some for the first time, too. Then, for the IOU, I
    created a scroll certificate that is good for one day out with mom,
    no siblings (she is the first of four - brother, sister, brother). I
    listed the agenda: I made an appointment at a salon for after payday
    and included shopping for clothes and lunch. I may add a movie on
    that day if we feel up to it. She was thrilled and is very anxious
    for our "date." She didn't have a clue that I was broke and just
    assumed the day was planned around when I was able to get her to the
    salon. Woo Hoo!

    Again, thank you Budget101ers for your help!



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