Hi Liss and all,

Okay, I heard your plea! lol I confess, Liss and all, I've been
so preoccupied with the most amazing set of circumstances,
I've had the column partly in mind...but no, not entirely. lol

My six-year wait for the divorce is nearly over, and I'm ready
for my new life--with the most wonderful man who came into
my life 3.5 months ago. We're best friends, and we're now
in the midst of planning our future together. Yes, long term.
Maybe I should have waited to tell you all this? No, the
*big* question hasn't been *officially* asked yet, but he's
made it *very* clear that it's coming.

I'll still be here, have no worries, but you may need to nudge
me from time to time in case I fall silent. There's a lady in
India who is in the midst of an effort to bring me there for a
cooking exhibition! Looks like that'll happen this coming
autumn! Imagine!! Ethnic Inexpensively goes to Bombay
and Delhi!! And yes, if it really comes to pass, my honey
and I will detour to see that romantic Taj Mahal!

Lots of stuff cooking on this burner here, but I guess it's
time for some more recipes. Your call has been heard, Liss.

Looks like this is going to be a bright and sweet new year
for us all! I'll get cracking on the new column in the next
few days.

Love to everyone,
Michelle (Young in Broome County, upstate New York)
Budget101_ moderator & Ethnic Inexpensively columnist