Humor me guys.. i'm still somewhat of a beginner cook here! I can barely wait to
be a master at it!!!!

For one-third cup margarine, shortening or butter - two tablespoons oil

For one-half stick margarine or solid fat product - six tablespoons oil

Baking Chocolate:

Use three tablespoons cocoa plus one tablespoon oil for one square baking


Sugar substitute can be used in cooking, however, read the directions to
see if the product can be used to cook with. Corn syrup and applesauce help
reduce the amount of sugar called for in recipes.

Fat Free Buttermilk Substitute:

To one-half cup strained fresh buttermilk add three cups skim milk. Place
in refrigerator overnight to curdle.


For one egg yolk, beat one egg white, add one-quarter teaspoon lecithin
granules, and one and one-half teaspoons oil. For one whole egg, beat two
egg whites, add one-quarter teaspoon lecithin granules, and one and
one-half teaspoons oil. To reconstitute egg white powder, use one
tablespoon powder, add two tablespoons warm water and beat at high speed.
Use in place of egg whites.

Low Calorie Cream Cheese:

Two cups plain low-fat yogurt, place in double-layer cheesecloth, twist and
tie with string. Hang overnight over sink to drain, or place in
colander-lined container in refrigerator. Let drip 12 to 14 hours.

Mock Sour Cream:

One cup low-fat cottage cheese, one tablespoon lemon juice and two
tablespoons skim milk. Mix in blender until smooth. Yield: 1 1/4 cups.

Protein Spread:

One-quarter cup non-fat dry milk, add one-half cup no-oil peanut butter.
Mix thoroughly. A good spread on bread, buns or muffins.

"Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle! by Virginia Defendorf"