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Jersey Booth Lite - Fist Pump With Friends!
Pici Apps
Genre: Photography
Release Date: August 16, 2011

Looks like weíve got a Situation here! Itís time to get jersey-fied with Jersey Booth!

Summer is here and itís time to show off your spray tan and wicked new haircut for the shore. Donít forget your deep vneck shirts and bedazzaled shades. Jersey Booth allows you to turn yourself and your friends into fist pumping gorilla juiceheads instantly.

Features include:
- Ability to use Front and Rear facing camera
- Wicked accessories and backgrounds
- Speech bubbles
- Hand write anything you want
- Tons of cool jersey hairstyles
- Ability to undo any mistakes
- Share with your friends via email, facebook, twitter
- Post to the Pici Gallery when youíre done!

Step into the booth and see if you can be the biggest gorilla juicehead on the shore today!

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