Well i did all my figures for last year and yet again we had more
money going out then we had coming in. We were doing so well until my
husband got laid off in the beginning of Nov. He's still not back to
work. And then of course 2 days before Christmas the transmision
blows out on the minivan while we were out of town visiting
relatives. So that was $1700 that went on a credit card. Lucky it's
0% interest until September. We better be caught back up by then!!
So i'm looking at our budget to see where i can cut. And last year
again we really didn't spend money on anything we didn't need.
Hopefully we won't have as high of car repairs, house repairs and
medical bills for 2004. But then again I was hoping to cut those
areas in 2003 compared to 2002 and it just didn't happen! I guess i'm
just venting. Every area i can control is cut to the bones. There are
lots of things going up that i can't control. Like insurance,
property taxes, LP gas, car gas, and electricity. We're using less
but paying more! I keep telling myself that this is good practice for
when our income gets better and we'll be so much better off. But i've
been telling myself that for a few years and the income isn't getting

better. Yikes... i'm also PMSing so that isn't helping my state of
mind right now. It does help that i know so many of you can relate
and i'm not the only one going through this.
I hope everyone has a much easier time with their budget in 2004!!!!
Happy New Year!!!!
Cindy in MI