Morning All,

Happy New Year to everyone! So far this year I've been pretty quiet onlist, too
many irons in the fire. I am working on this weeks newsletter & hopefully will
have it out to you Monday afternoon.

I'm starting a new series on Building & Repairing your credit in our
newsletter. Each week will be a new "lesson" so to speak, with info on how to
deal with creditors, nasty bill collectors, credit reporting agencies & other

I'd also love to spark up our Ethnic Inexpensively Column with our own Sweet
Michelle, *I know you're out there hon!*.... so maybe if we holler out to her,
she'll respond with a great new article & recipe.

I just want to say Thank You to Mickey & Michelle for all of their hard work
and dedication this past year, they have helped tremendously in moderating the
list (to prevent spammers & PORN) with me to help ensure you all get great posts
with useful info.

Also, thank you to those who donated to keep open this year, you
were a blessing. I don't know how I would have continued without your help.
As you may have noticed, we have changed our site a bit this year to bring
in advertisers in order to cover the costs of running & updating the site.
(Although some ads can be annoying, keep in mind, they really do help me with
the costs of maintaining the site & I want to be able to continue to provide the
site at no cost to all my fellow budgeters !

Attention Crafters: If you'd like to post your crafty ideas with some pictures &
have it featured as a craft of the week on our site with your name & a link to

your own site, please email me directly at

Thanks for another Great Year, I can't wait to see what this year brings.

All the best,


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