I wouldn't buy any kind of chemical (Hartz or otherwise) and put it
on my animals!

Good nutrition also can help prevent pests and skin irritations.
I like and recommend Muenster Natural dog food and the dietary
supplement called The Missing Link.....add natural diatomaceous
earth to the pet food if it isn't in the food.

Also, put 1 teaspoon Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (maybe more
depending on the size of the water dish).
[HP102 Raw Honey + Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Pre-Mixed - 1 - 16 oz.
bottle of the product described above $6.00]
(I use this Apple Cider Vinegar to help me lose weight as well by
taking 1-2 table spoons in 8 ounces of my favorite juice before

http://www.muenstermilling.com/ (natural animal food)
source=google&engine=adwords!32&keyword=%28diatoma ceous+earth%29
http://www.perma-guard.com/ (natural diatomaceous earth in Mexico)
http://ighawaii.com/naturally/naturalanimal/de.html ( A must read!)

IF you have Organic Gardening stores near you, you shouldn't have
any problems finding the above locally

DJ (North Central Texas)

--- In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, tmbees@a... wrote:
> Is the Hartz spot on treatments only fatal to cats? I have bought
some drops
> at Walmart, powder for the carpets and spray for the furniture for
fleas but
> haven't used them yet. Just bought a few days ago. My dog has a few

fleas. We
> only see like one or two a week on him but thats too many. I would
think here
> in NC its getting to cold for them living outside so they might be
in the
> house.
> Please right back with any tips on fleas and if its okay to use
spot on
> treatment. He's a small (8lb ? toy poodle/13 years old)
> Thanks
> Tammy
> proud owner of hundew :O)