OK I figured that since we are talking about the flu that I would give
this a shot and try to see if anyone has any ideas.

Usually my sinuses block up but this year they are draining what seems
like continuously. Of course when that happens it bugs my throat and
makes me cough and if it drains heavy enough will make my throat hurt. I
have been fighting this since the school year started and I am getting
tired of having to deal with getting drowsy when the meds kick in to
help deal with it. Does anyone know of some ideas for what I might try
that is non-drowsy and would do the job, I have tried the generic
Dayquil but that gets too expensive and all of the allergy pills that I
find that are non-drowsy don't kick in at all for me and the others
knock me out if the kick in. My insurance won't pay for prescription
meds for it so I am trying to see if I can find something affordable
that will work.

Thank you for any help that you can give.

Susan K