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PlanetSave TD Lite
Genre: Games
Release Date: August 02, 2011

Let us present a Lite version of our game in the "Tower Defense" genre, or abbreviated "TD". This game is about the confrontation between aliens-invaders and earthmen, who defend themselves by all possible means. The aliens are moving from Point "A" to Point "B". Your objective is not to let them pass. For this purpose you have six types of armaments - towers. Each tower can be upgraded to the 3rd level – this increases the damage it causes. Types of towers: Bunker (shoots using cartridges), Rocket Tower (shoots with missiles), Magnet Tower (slows down enemy movement), Laser Tower (shoots with a permanent laser beam), Radar (helps to find invisible enemies) and Electric Tower (shoots with high current discharges).

Our game is universal. If you buy it once, you will be able to play it on iPhone and iPod, as well as on iPad. The game also supports the "Retina" display. We plan on a continuous improvement of the game. Eventually we will add new maps, armament types and interesting features. If you are a fan of "Tower Defense" games – then you will surely like it!

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