<h2>Frugal, Fun Project with your children</h2>
<h2>Snow lantern</h2>

Snow lantern is very easy to make, but it's a very fine piece of art. It's also practical, because it gives a good light.

For the snow lantern you need snowballs and a candle. Snowballs are set to circular form. The lowest layer will have 8-10 snowballs. Rest of the balls are superimposed over them. There will be about 5 layers in all. The last layer will have only one snowball. Before superimposing the last layers, put a lit candle inside the snow lantern. Then put the rest of the snowballs carefully on their places and the snow lantern is ready.

Source: http://www.niksula.cs.hut.fi/%7Emnik...o/lantern.html</img>

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